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How we measure the universe.

This is a cool video, saw it linked to on twitter via @JadAbumrad

Measuring the Universe from Royal Observatory Greenwich on Vimeo.

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Blackwings 602 and fieldnotesbrand


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Blackwings 602

I just got a box of the blackwing 602 pencils, these things are sweet, if feels like writing with butter and makes other pencils feel like I am scraping the blackboard. I am so addicted to these things now. So I am addicted to a lot of products too, like my obsesive fieldnotes. I counted, I have 14 unused fieldnotes notebooks, I just heard they are getting ready for their summer batch. CRAP. I honestly don’t need more, but I will probably buy them, or you could buy them for me???

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I am addicted.

So I have a problem, when something is 2 for a $1 or 10 for $10 or buy 100 get 10 free, I buy buy buy, I need the deal. I mean I may never need to use 100 highlighters but I got 10 free so its a good deal…right?

Today is Wednesday and today we get free stuff from my favorite little notebooks, FieldNotes Brand Notebooks, buy anything get 3 little red notebooks for free. Yes I have like 10 unused books already but I will have more soon, my heart aches for deals (or is is because I don’t want my wife to find out about my addiction?)

Well FieldNotes you could be my greatest problem.


go to or

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Rainy cloudy spring day

I would love to be sitting in a warm coffee shop reading the rest of my cormac book. But instead I am studying for my trig class. 20120507-091349.jpg


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iPhone dictation

Hi Dunkeith you all on her PC blah blah blah – Zeke via iPhone dictation

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Stay at home dad

So this morning I feel like I am lacking in the emotional capacity to be a stay at home dad. My patience is low my ability to function is at an all time low. This could all be because Jasper is pretty difficult at this state, he is not sleeping and needs a lot of attention when he is awake.

It’s been 5 months since I have had a solid 8 hours of sleep, or even more than 3 hours at a time. I am lucky to have 2 hours of sleep at a time. Oh man having kids is so much harder than anyone ever imagines.


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I have been somewhat a notebook nerd from an early age, I remember looking back at journal entries as a high schooler kid and thinking how nice it was to have those raw (and embarrassing) memories recorded. I used an marble covered composition book in the early days.

I used to to walk into a book store and immediately judge it by the selection of blank journals (no a fair judge of character I realize) now I do less of that because I have begun to really enjoy two journal brands. Moleskine and Field Notes Brand. I have a nice variety of moleskine and for a while I was into the whole gtd thing, and got a nice soft cover pocket notebook squared from moleskine, I love the grid and the paper but it was two big to keep in my pocket. It felt like the George wallet. Then I saw online fieldnotes were giving a free three pack away with any order, like the cheapo I am I ordered pencils, about $4 I got a mixed pack of the brown notebooks and started using the squared one for frequently used math equations. The ruled one is getting used for recording coffee roasting times and beers and wines I have tried. The blank one is not getting used, I don’t know if I like it, the blank white paper looks strange to me.

Anyway the fieldnotes brand have won my pocket, and moleskine will keep my bag.

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My mess of field notes


I think I have 10 unused notebooks. Hmm maybe I don’t need more.

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So I just ordered more Field Notes Brand Notebooks. I really love these notebooks, they look great and feel great. I have been filling up one of them with my Trig equations for the last couple months. Here is the problems I don’t really use them enough to necessitate the continual buying of them. When I heard the spring 2012 notebooks were coming out I spent way to much time thinking about it and checking the website and waiting for the new ones. I was like some teenage girl (now I am like a little boy waiting for his new toy to come in the mail.)

I really love writing things down, I love taking pen or pencil to paper. So I try and find more things to write down and find a reason I need 10 different empty notebooks.

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Day off…sort of

So this week I have decided my son can be a real…chump. We have had some heated arguments about baths and pee and whatever else he decides on the spot to hate. He has also decided that I am “mean”. I know this because he says, “Daddy your mean to me”. As the reason he eats food and doesn’t live in his own pee for 8 hours out of the day I feel that is an unfair accusation, even if I am not going to let him watch the stupid Dora more than once (once is 10 times more than I can handle, I mean who wants their kids to talk to the TV, Dora expects this and leaves these awkward silences for people to talk to the stupid TV, stupid dora.).

So its been a long week filled with a lot a wet underwear, and today Zeke is at his friends house, so I have Jasper. The funny thing is back in the day when I only had Zeke I thought it was a lot of work. Now having just one kid to watch over seems like a vacation.

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Well, Its 5 am, Jasper is having trouble sleeping, so I sit in my living room rocking him to sleep with my foot and browsing the internet. Its really amazing how little sleep one can operate on and still live. Of course Jen has really taken the brunt of the sleep deprivation, but I remember a time not too long ago (2weeks) that less than 7 hours of sleep felt like torture and I wanted to stab my eyes with a sleeping pill. Now for the sake of Jasper I go with out and I love it in a way.

This is the time of life that lack of sleep has more meaning and value than anything, because its for the little ones, Jasper and Zeke become more important than anything and little sacrifices like sleep do not seem as important. Especially when they are healthy.

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